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Acorn Audio is proudly partnered with ZMF headphones, founded by Zach Mehrbach and based in Illinois, USA.

After several years selling modifications of the Fostex T50RP driver, Zach announced his two dynamic-driver and fully proprietary designs, the Atticus and the Eikon, to the world in late 2016. Since then, he has also released the Auteur, ZMF's first open-aire design. 

The ZMF guarantee of quality comes down to each and every headphone being handmade by Zach and his team. The beautiful craftsmanship, utilizing several eye-catching and exotic wood types, ensures that no two ZMF headphones will ever look exactly alike.


Acorn Audio has partnered with Acoustune to provide the UK market with incredibly high quality sonic experiences from very ambitious uses of dynamic-driver technology in in-ear monitors.

Based in Japan, Acoustune was founded in 2013 and has consistently put out products that have received widespread acclaim in the portable audio community.

We are incredibly excited about making these available and are looking forward to what they do next.

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Acorn Audio began with the sale of the Venture Electronics VE Monk earbuds to the UK market in May of 2017. 

Since then, several variations and other products by the company have found their home in the hands of British users. Utilising the services of Amazon Prime UK, buyers are able to (in some areas) get their unit on the very same day through Prime shipping.

Acorn Audio is proud to have made such a stellar product easily available in this region. We are looking forward to bringing more items over and utilising this website to sell them as well.