Acoustune HS1670SS

Acoustune HS1670SS


Shell Chamber 100% Stainless Steel, CNC milling & Housing, 100% aluminum CNC milling.

Transducer Φ10mm Single Dynamic Driver, 10D5

Impedance 24Ω

Sound Pressure Level 110dB/mW

Frequency Range 10Hz-25KHz

Cable Silver-coated OFC cable fitted with mmcx connectors, L=1.2m (8-core)

Jack Φ3.5mm gold plated, L-type

Premium Accessories Include

Ear-tips sizes: AET02 (F), AET06 (S+/M+), AET07 (S/M/L),

AET08 (S/M/L)

Luxury Aluminum Case

Earphone Carrying Case

Cable Clip & Tie


The HS1670SS while technically strong has a musicality that gives a range of accessibility across many musical genres, finding the balance for the mainstream and the demanding audiophiles crowd is always difficult but I think the HS1670SS does an expert job to satisfy both audiences. Well done Acoustune for a competitive priced, solid beautiful looking and sounding earphone.

- Earphonia

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