Venture Electronics ASURA 2.0 SPC

Venture Electronics ASURA 2.0 SPC


The VE Asura 2.0 emphasizes detail retrieval and and an airier sound over our standard Monk Plus earbuds. Excellent for classical, jazz, classic rock, acoustic and vocal music - the Asura 2.0 trades in a consumer-focused sound for a truly high-fidelity experience.

  • Silver-plated cable terminated in a single-ended 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Comes with VE denim case.

  • 150 ohms - will need a strong source and/or amplification.

  • "For those who start with the Monk Plus and are looking for an extra level of refinement, the Asura 2.0 is a natural progression forward." - Brooko,

  • "Their clear midrange and detailed high-end will cater perfectly towards lovers of a revealing, articulate and spacious sound with great pace." - Ryan Soo, TheHeadphoneList.

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