Venture Electronics Monk - 2.5 Espresso Edition

Venture Electronics Monk - 2.5 Espresso Edition


From the official Venture Electronics website:

The Monk Plus put us on the radar of the audiophile community and is the best price-to-performance sound quality that you will come across. It was born from my ambition and my co-ercing of our talented engineer, KK, to carefully construct a detailed and enriched sound into the form factor of an earbud.

  • Special edition VE Monk Plus with espresso braided cable terminated in balanced 2.5mm TRRS.

  • Comes with a denim carrying case.

  • "Treat yourself to an earphone that will henceforth keep costlier models' price/performance ratios in check." - John Darko, DigitalAudioReview.Net

  • "The VE Monk Plus makes a monkey out of this audiophile business when prices are getting higher and marketing memes are getting more and more ridiculous." - Marcus,

  • "Venture Electronics has redefined the words tremendous value when it comes to earphones." - Hisoundfi,

  • "Venture provides buyers with a great product for virtually no money at all." - Ryanjsoo,

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