Venture Electronics Zen 2.0 - Omega Edition

Venture Electronics Zen 2.0 - Omega Edition

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From the official Venture Electronics website:

The Zen 2.0 is the finest creation of our main lineup. Our Chief Sound Engineer, KK, designed the Zen 2.0 to incorporate the full sized headphone experience to an earbud. We wanted to show the audiophile community that it is indeed possible to achieve such an amazing feat.

The Zen 2.0 are tuned to have a warm sound signature. It has been specifically tuned to replicate the expansive soundstage of a full sized headphone. The Zen 2.0 requires a powerful amplifier to bring it to life. If you don’t already have one, we highly suggest getting one of our amplifiers to pair with it. Head over to our amplifier section and pick one according to your budget and requirements.

The Zen Omega Edition is the detachable version of the Zen 2.0 with a redesigned shell. With this, you can customise the sound signature even further by changing the cable to any 0.78mm terminated cable like our Oyaide 102 SSC.

  • 320 ohms impedance

  • 3.5mm SE connector

  • Comes with denim carrying case

I really enjoy this earbud. As a musicality chaser, I can’t help but smile and find myself lost as I ride my electric bike with the Zen 2.0 logged into my ear domain. I simply find them charming, which is the best word I can use to describe them.

I am impressed by the Zen 2.0 by Venture Electronics. It lives up to Lee’s claim of full-size sound in earbud form. Or close enough, at least. With this much body and refinement, and its warm, musical tuning, Zen makes for a mighty piece in anyone’s collection.

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