ZMF Atticus Manchurian Ash LTD

ZMF Atticus Manchurian Ash LTD

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Limited run, one of 20 made.

The ZMF Atticus represents the pinnacle of the "classic" ZMF sound that started in 2012 with the ZMF Master Model.  By using all proprietary parts, the sound Zach originally was after is fully achieved. This model has full and impactful bass, lush mids and smooth resolving treble.  It's fun, engaging, detailed and musical. 

With the LTD Manchurian Ash Atticus, ZMF have taken this already beautiful medium hard-wood and applied the Shou-Sugi-Ban method of burning the wood with a torch. The phrase Shou-Sugi-Ban translates to “burnt cedar wood,” but the method also works great with woods like ash - which feature prominent grain. Each headphone is as unique as the wood grain possessed by each cup.

Sound wise, ash is of medium density and imparts much of the “pop” and slight dryness of woods like camphor and teak. It has less decay than teak, but doesn’t have the firm and liquid dark quality of blackwood. Ash does sit between Teak and African Blackwood in timbre, but slightly closer to teak on a sliding scale.


  • ZMF Atticus Headphone

  • ZMF Pads

  • Shou-Sugi-Ban Burnished Varnish Finish

  • Stock 1/4 and 4-pin XLR Cables

  • Seahorse Hard-Shell Case

  • Owners Card

The way it drives the emotion of the music into my soul is downright addicting. Shoot, the last time I went to put them on I started laughing because I began to tap my toes and bob my head before I even plugged them into the headphone jack. I caught myself and chuckled. There are those headphones that attempt to do everything right so you hear music ‘as it was intended’ and there are those headphones that bend the rules a bit to give you some fun and the Atticus is definitely fun and was deliberately tuned so.

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