ZMF Auteur Teak

ZMF Auteur Teak

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Last remaining unit in stock. Teak wood is discontinued, replaced with Ambrosia Maple.

The ZMF Auteur is the epitome of their craftsmanship, sound and style. As their first open-back headphone, it takes musicality and engagement and blends it with effortless resolve and head-staging. The result is a sound that is just right, with a protean tactility that makes the Auteur perfect with any genre.

  • Auteur in Teak

  • Wood Owners Card

  • 5.5 FT Stock Cable

  • Perforated Auteur and Eikon Pads

  • S3 6500 Airtight Case

  • Weight:  475-500g


The Auteur is my favorite headphone I’ve ever heard. Bar none. It made me remember why I am in this business and to take a step back and enjoy what I do for the first time in a while. Zach’s tuning is the closest to how I would tune my dream headphone.

At the end of the day, the ZMF Auteur is an absolutely wonderful sounding piece of equipment. Given its excellent performance and its gorgeous hand-crafted looks, I feel this is a headphone that would be a welcome addition to any collection. If you're looking for a headphone that can be fun and sweet sounding, without sacrificing balance or resolution, this is an absolute must-audition.

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