ZMF Eikon Burl

ZMF Eikon Burl


Very limited stock. One remaining.

Burl grain patterns are very unique. Contact if you would like photos of the unit in stock.

The ZMF Eikon features their proprietary headphone design and the ZMF bio-cellulose driver, which utilizes the highest quality materials and design to create a linear, powerful, dynamic and super resolving sound -centered around the driver’s ultra-low distortion. The Eikon is the ultimate headphone chameleon, it works great with all genres with a punchy sound that is close to neutral, and fully musical.


  • ZMF Eikon Pads

  • Lambskin headband padding

  • Natural hand-applied varnish

  • 5.5 FT Stock Cable

  • S3 6500 Case

  • Owners Card


If you like a natural tonality that isn’t overly clinical or cold at all, but also one that isn’t very warm, something with a very good coherency factor that makes vocals and the center image instrument in the track seem lifelike and very well formed, then I suggest you pick this up.

- Michael, Headfonics.

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